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yogi & chef



I first came to yoga at age 15, hopeful to build more self respect and awareness in my own body. I completed my 200-hour vinyasa teacher training through Yogalife Studios in 2011, followed by a multi-year mentorship with Troy Lucero and an advanced 500-hour teacher training with Jason Crandell in 2020. Having worked through several severe injuries and chronic pain with a wide range of therapists and healers, I describe my approach to yoga asana as heavily influenced by other modalities. My teaching style is creative yet deliberate, with attention to functional movement patterns and active range of motion. My hope is to help students develop trust in the body, reinforced by skill, strength and awareness. Off the mat, I spend my free time gardening, rock climbing with my husband, walking my dog, and food blogging!


I learned to be an adventurous eater and intuitive cook from my father. I spent a decade working in the restaurant industry, but it was actually the creative challenge of maintaining my food blog, Drum Beets, that helped me develop my craft. In 2014 I left the restaurant industry to launch my personal chef business, offering in-home services, catering and cooking lessons. It's been a eventful career, but in a society where so many people have become disconnected with where our food is grown and made, I wanted to share my skills as a teacher. In 2019, I began coaching clients - meal prepping together, to teach them not just to follow recipes, but to be creative intuitive home cooks! 

As a chef, I specialize in plant-based cuisine. I don't label myself as a vegetarian, or follow any particular diet. I just know I can do more good in the world by teaching people to to use plants in more enjoyable and creative ways. I love to help students expand their palate and culinary repertoire, learning about flavors from many different cuisine types. My favorite challenge is to find a way to prepare a vegetable that you normally hate, in a way that you will love. This is the magic of cooking with plants! 


Aubrey Jenkins Yoga
Aubrey Jenkins Chef
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